Walter, Anna, Amy and Sean Samuel

As a niece and cousin, Katie will always be a special part of our lives we will never forget. Our memories of her will always be happy ones, of fun and of laughter, and we are so grateful to have been able to spend the precious time we did with her at family gatherings.

We saw her grow up, a younger cousin to Amy and older cousin to Sean. Being close in age, Amy and Katie experienced a lot together, being the eldest cousins who took care of and gave advice to the younger ones, being in charge of family plays (a speciality of Katie’s), shopping in Camden, visiting art galleries and going to concerts together. Even working together, Katie’s journalistic career and Amy’s cancer charity work with celebrity supporters made a great partnership whilst raising awareness for a good cause. Being extras on a James Bond film was more fun than work, even if Katie, Anna and Amy had to wear flimsy dresses in a warehouse in the middle of Stoke Newington, which was meant to be Cuba, or fur coats at Pinewood Studios, on a set made up to be Iceland.

We all knew Katie as an avid Arsenal fan, so of course there was always a lot of friendly banter between her and Walter and Sean, lifelong Crystal Palace fans and Michael, Amy’s boyfriend, a Spurs supporter.

One of the happiest memories we all had was at Katie and Rich’s wedding, the perfect day that brought friends and family together. Over the years we saw less of Katie as she grew up and had her own life living out of London, her life with Richard, to whom we are so grateful for making her so blissfully happy.

We did not realise how much we loved Katie. We think of her daily since her death and miss her dearly.