“But that perhaps which anguisheth the most is to have this glorious pageant of the world removed from them in the Spring and most delicious season of their life. For though to die be usual, to die young may seem extraordinary. Life is a journey in a dusty way: the furthest rest is death. In this some go more burdened than others. Swift and active pilgrims come to the end of it in the morning, or at noon: which others scarce with great travel reach weary unto midnight.

Days are not to be esteemed after the number of them, but after the goodness. More compass maketh not a sphere more complete: nor is that musician most praiseworthy who most longest played, but in measured accents who hath made sweetest melody.” Drummond Hawthornden (1623).

Katie will live on in all our hearts through the wonderful memories we have of her, please share them in your tributes to this beautiful young woman who made such an impact in her short life and consequently will be missed by so many.

On the right are some tributes by Katie’s family, friends and those whom she touched in her life.