The Institute of Trade Attorneys Annual Fundraising Quiz

The Institute of Trade Attorneys Annual Fundraising Quiz

A team of six representing the London firm of Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP and led by Mark Green gathered at the Penderels’ Oak pub in London in February for The Institute of  Trade Mark Attorneys annual fundraising quiz . Under the name “Swansea Ball Boys” they hoped not to be wasting their time in this prestigious highlight of the professional calendar, which has now been running for over twenty years.

After twelve hard fought rounds against teams from thirty other firms, Mark’s team emerged triumphant.  The evening raised nearly £2000 for charity, and as the winning team Mark was able to select his preferred charity to receive half of this sum, nominating the Katie Haines Memorial Trust.

How would you have fared against these sample puzzlers?

  1. What kind of river and sea creature lives in a holt?
  2. From which US State penitentiary does the fictional character Andy Dufresne escape?
  3. In which month of which year did man first walk on the moon?
  4. How many litres are there in a cubic meter?
  5. Who designed the UK team’s kit for the 2012 Olympics?
  6. Complete the sequence – USA, Norway, USA, Germany, Germany,?

Answers – Otter; Shawshank; July 1969; 1000; Stella McCartney; Japan ( Women’s World Cup Winners)