Substandard building work causes carbon monoxide leak

A Hertfordshire couple has criticised housing developer Taylor Wimpey after being exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Gerald and Doreen Lee bought their new-build home in Winthorpe Gardens, Borehamwood, just five years ago. Regrettably, Taylor Wimpey had neglected to install the correct flue for the central heating boiler, meaning that carbon monoxide leaked into the property.

During a routine inspection of the property last week, Taylor Wimpey discovered the mistake. Engineers disabled the boiler and ordered new parts to correct the installation error. Unfortunately for Mr and Mrs Lee, who were told they would be without heating and hot water for up to two weeks, the damage might already have been done.

The couple were tested for carbon monoxide poisoning last week and blood tests revealed low levels of the gas in their system.

78-year-old Mr Lee, who suffered a stroke in 2011, explained: “Recently, I have been getting dizzy in the morning and often feel nauseous, but I just attributed it to old age. Now I’ve realised it fits the symptoms of low level carbon monoxide poisoning perfectly – and that’s a very scary thought”.

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