MEPs Brussels

Gordon Samuel spoke to a group of MEPs and other relevant parties at a round table discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels.  The event was organised by Honeywell under the auspices of the Gas Safety Trust, as they are a not-for-profit charity. Gordon’s talk centred on his first-hand experience as the father of a victim.  Although it was an emotional speech, he felt it was worth doing and well received.  An excellent account was given by Krzysztof Biskup, Deputy Director of Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection in Poland on what the Poles were doing to promote awareness, and it is the Polish Fire Service who have spent €500m on national press and TV advertising.  Other European bodies involved in promoting the awareness of CO poisoning also gave talks to the meeting, chaired by MEP Linda McAvan.  Ms McAvan assured Gordon that she would help as much as possible on European legislation.