MEP Jim Higgins issues warning to people to be aware of CO poisoning from barbecues

Following the tragic deaths of 14 year old Hannah Thomas-Jones and 6 year old Isabelle Harris from separate CO poisoning incidents from disposable barbecues in their tents, MEP Jim Higgins has issued a warning to people to be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning from barbecues.

“I have contacted the National Standards Authority of Ireland to recommend that the revision of part one of the EN1860 standard on solid fuels should include a requirement for a prominent warning about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning on disposable barbecues.

“The current warning, ‘Do not use indoors’ is not sufficient as it fails to mention the connection between using these products indoors (or in poorly ventilated areas) and the risk of CO poisoning, this risk is possibly overlooked by the consumer who is likely to think only of fire risks.”

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