Laura & Scott Chivers

I first met Katie at Gordon Haines’ 65th Birthday party.  Katie was sat on the floor and turned around to look at me; she gave me the biggest and brightest smile.  I didn’t know at the time that she was Richard’s girlfriend or that over the next 6 years we would become close friends.

Katie and I were going through a similar stage in our lives; we both met our partners around the same time, we waited and waited…and …..waited for the much wanted ‘marriage proposals’ (‘when do you think he’ll ask me Katie/Laura??!!) which came within a couple of months of each other.  We planned our weddings together and then we were talking about trying to plan our maternity leaves together, so we could do lunch and go to Virgin Active!  Katie was so so excited about her big day and we emailed each other every day in the months running up to our weddings, with how we were feeling, new ideas, bounced things off one another and shared our frustrations.

She used to email me telling me how many days I had left before my wedding day, when I didn’t have a clue!  This, for me, was a very special time in our friendship – we were a couple of bridezillas!  It was so wonderful to see her walk down the aisle looking so radiant and happy and I was so touched when she mentioned me in her beautiful speech.  I have never seen anyone so excited about their wedding as I did with Katie and I think that is all down to the love she had for Rich.  She just could not wait to become Mrs Katie Haines.

Over time I learned more about Katie and the person she was.  At the end of her hen weekend, when everybody had left, we went for a long walk through the country lanes and she talked to me about how she was worried she would not keep it together during her vows and also during her Dad’s speech.  She welled up at the thought of it and I realised then how much she loved her family and Rich and how sensitive and caring she was.

Katie was an inspiration to me, always smiling, always full of energy, always positive and never put off for tomorrow what could be done today.  She had a knack of always making everyone feel special and a big part of her life, she certainly made me feel that way.  I will never forget what she said to me at the Christmas 2009 dinner we all went to….. ‘Lor you are one of my best friends’.  I was so touched and remember thinking to myself that Katie and I would be friends for the rest of our lives and have so much to share together.

The day that Katie was taken from us, she emailed me about mine and Scott’s imminent trip to Australia and said ‘Have a brilliant brilliant time, will miss you lots! Xxx’ and my response was ‘I will miss you loads too xxx’. I hadn’t realised then just how much those last words would truly mean.

To Katie – I miss having you in my life, I miss our chats, I miss your emails, I miss your company, I miss your smile, I miss you not being here to share in my pregnancy.  I know you would have been so excited about the arrival of Baby Chivers. You will always be in my thoughts, my dreams and my heart and for as long as I live I will never forget that beautiful, beaming smile. I love you lots.

P.S – I know Scott misses you too, he always had a soft spot for you. We talk about you often xxx

With love always, your wedding buddy Laura ‘aka Mrs C’ And Mr Chiv xxx