Katie Cornish, 31 January 2014

I’ve been meaning to get in touch for a while to say a huge Thank You to you for your efforts to make everyone aware of the risks of carbon monoxide. Last year, when I was heavily pregnant I started to have headaches, dizzy episodes and was breathless a lot of the time but I just put it down to being asthmatic & pregnant. Until one day I returned home to my carbon monoxide alarm beeping. I opened all the windows and called the emergency number. The young man who attended assured me that everything seemed fine and that it was possible that I needed a new alarm. Thankfully because of your constant campaigning I just thought it better to get a second opinion. I called my plumbing & heating engineer and he came out first thing the following morning with his carbon monoxide detector. He said he had never experienced a boiler emitting the levels of carbon monoxide that ours was. It was dangerously high so we took it out immediately. I am so thankful to you & am only sorry that gorgeous Katie lost her life to it. Love & fond memories Katie Cornish (was Bailey at SHS with Katie) xxx