Hi there,
My name’s Kat, I am a journalist and wanted to let you know that I was so moved by what happened to Katie and the way her family were campaigning to raise awareness of the risks of carbon monoxide that I went straight home that day, phoned my family to make sure they had a detector and ordered my own that night. Well last night at 0240 the alarm went off. It’s always a bit hard to know what to do when an alarm like that goes off, especially in the middle of the night, it could be a false alarm, but I thought of Katie and wondered what the point of having it was if I was going to ignored it. We called the emergency gas line and an engineer came out. He turned the gas off at the mains and today someone came to look at it properly. We had a small leak but both my flatmates and I have been sick and dizzy in the last few days which we’ve now put down to that. We don’t know that the worst would have happened necessarily in our case without the detector, but I thought it may be nice for you to hear that we spotted the leak because of Katie and your fantastic campaigning. I will continue to tell people her story and now mine too and hope it helps raise more awareness.