Jilna – January 2016

I have just watched fake Britain after a friend recommended I see it based on this story.  I cannot tell you how upsetting it was to watch, not just because me and my husband were both poisoned a week after our honeymoon where we both nearly died, but also upsetting to see what happened to Katie.  I just wanted to message to convey my thanks for the amazing work you are doing.  Through social media, I’ve tried to promote the use of proper carbon monoxide alarms since we were poisoned, especially because I am suffering brain and ear damage as a result of a faulty gas fire in the flat below us.

The flat is in Brentwood and you can read the news article here.

But I have always wanted to do more and I applaud the work you are doing.  It is important to note though that the man in the flat below us died within half an hour and was probably there for a few days.  Doctors said they had never seen such high levels of CO before – 3000ppm.

Regards Jilna