Irish Minister for Energy, Pat Rabitte, calls for CO alarms to be installed in all homes

Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in all homes, Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte has said.

Mr Rabbitte was speaking at an event to mark the beginning of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which aims to make householders aware of the dangers of the odourless, colourless gas that has become known as the “silent killer”.

An average of six people in Ireland die every year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, according to figures compiled by the Health Service Executive.

While carbon monoxide poisoning is often associated with faulty gas appliances, it is produced when any carbon-based fuels, including oil, gas, wood or coal do not have enough oxygen to burn completely.

In the majority of cases, people do not realise that they are being exposed to the gas because it is odourless.

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