How to stay safe on your holiday’s

My Travel Monkey blog by Ting Dalton, a friend of Katie Haines.

Now that the kids have broken up from school, a lot of families will be looking forward to their holidays during the summer months. And who can blame them.

From self-catering villas and apartments abroad; to camping trips in a good old-fashioned tent; to caravans and boats; and stays in quaint holiday cottages and B&Bs, there will be the usual headiness of excitement from the packing, to the arrival, to the trip itself and all the fun things you’re going to experience as a family together.

One thing that isn’t guaranteed, however, is that the type of accommodation you’ve chosen to stay in is safe.

If you ask anyone, they will all tell you they have smoke alarms fitted in their homes, but mention a carbon monoxide alarm, and you’ll be met with a blank face. Why? Because having a carbon monoxide alarm isn’t mandatory by law.

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