Hannah, Gemma and Jess

I hope you are all well. I have a messages from my very good friend Jess, and her friend Gemma, who thanks to Jess spreading the word about carbon monoxide alarms following Katie’s death, went and bought one recently after feeling that something wasn’t right at home. This knowledge turned out to save the life of her family and she wanted to pass on her thanks.

Love Hannah

Girls – I know Jess warned us a year a go to make sure we did this and it’s been one of those things on my list since! We’ve been getting strange noises from our fire over the last week and all of us have been quite ill (although a lot of that is cold) finally got round to buying a detector yesterday only to find out our fire had been leaking dangerous levels of carbon monoxide! So currently we have no gas what so ever, so no heating or hot water or hob & not sure when they’ll be able to fix it – but thank god we checked! Make sure you buy one, we wouldn’t have had any idea!


I thought you and Katie’s family and friends would take great comfort in knowing that her story is saving lives and will continue to do so. I know there have been and will be a difficult few weeks to get through without your gorgeous best friend but some how you can’t help but think she isn’t far away saving others. Her legacy will continue and she will forever be in our thoughts! It’s also reminded me to spread the word AGAIN and remind people to buy a detector!!!