Family of four suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning

Two adults and two children living in Chesham, Buckinghamshire were attended by fire crews and the ambulance service after they suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, reports the Buckinghamshire Examiner on June 10 in the article Narrow Escape for Gassed Family. The poisoning was thought to be caused by a gas leak from a faulty boiler.

The family were treated by a GP, a gas engineer checked and disconnected the boiler, and fire crews ventilated the house.

The specialists at We Fix Now, who provide emergency plumbers in Wembley, throughout London and the surrounding counties, also provide Gas Safe registered engineers. Emphasising the importance of gas safety, a representative for the company issued advice on detecting carbon monoxide:

“As carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas, it is extremely difficult to detect. A carbon monoxide alarm can alert the homeowner to even low levels of carbon monoxide. Gas appliances should also be checked and maintained on a regular basis by a Gas Safe registered engineer, such as the ones provided by We Fix Now.

“As well as regular servicing of gas appliances and installing a carbon monoxide alarm, having an awareness of symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is beneficial. Symptoms are often similar to those of food poisoning and flu, but if symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and breathlessness only occur at home and improve when you leave home, it could signify the presence of carbon monoxide.”

We Fix Now is a London-based company providing emergency plumbers and electricians throughout the M25 and surrounding counties. Renowned for their fast and effective service, the firm also specialise in unblocking drains, fixing central heating and boilers and sorting problems with gas. With a strong focus on customer service, We Fix Now prides itself on providing fully qualified and experienced engineers day and night, every day of the year.

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