Emergency Plumber Issues Carbon Monoxide Advice

It has been reported in St Helens Star that the carbon monoxide alarm at their home in Whiston was set off, alerting them to the problem. Fire crews used specialised equipment to check for levels of CO, discovering approximately 380 carbon monoxide parts per million. The incident follows a similar one where fire fighters were called to a house in Newton-le-Willows after an elderly man suffered the effects of suspected poisoning.

In light of the scares, fire appliances in Merseyside are taking part in a new project to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide, backed by the Gas Safe Register.

Renowned for their London emergency plumbers, the team at Emergency Plumber also specialise in gas safety, operating throughout the capital and across the country. Naturally the team place a strong emphasis on gas safety in the home. As such, a representative has shared their thoughts on the latest news.

“It is lucky the lady and her child in Whiston had installed an audible carbon monoxide detector as at as little as 400 CO parts per million, victims can experience vomiting and loss of consciousness. It’s positive to see that there are campaigns in place to raise awareness of the dangers.

“To protect themselves from the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, people should make sure they are aware of the symptoms. These include headaches, dizziness and nausea. Whilst these can be quite similar to flu or food poisoning symptoms, the thing to look out for is if these symptoms are alleviated when you leave the house, and whether other people inside the home, including pets are experiencing the same symptoms. Finally always be sure to get appliances checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.”

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