David, Helen and Emilia

We first met Katie when Richard brought her over for Sunday Lunch very early on in their relationship and we could instantly see how well suited they were together. They shared so many interests and were both very comfortable and relaxed in each others company but what I noticed the most was how comfortable Katie just slipped into our family life. Katie has always been a sister to David and I but we were so proud when they officially took the steps down the aisle and made their vowels. I have never seen such a beautiful bride, Katie really did look as though she should be walking down the red carpet at the Oscars. Katie was a loving and thoughtful person, full of life with a wicked laugh that I can still hear every time I think of her. As Bridesmaid gift Katie wrote us all a you and me book. At the time it brought us all to tears just reading the words that she put down and on the very last page she wrote what it would be like if she did not have me in her life…. ‘If I didn’t have you I would have a gap in my life and be missing a great friend. Thanks for being a fabulous friend, sister and bridesmaid’ Katie all I can say is that you sum up how I feel, life without you will never be the same, we think about you everyday and wish we could have one last chance to see you. Emilia will always know her Auntie Katie and often talks about you. You are always in our hearts xxx