Kate Wright

If it hadn’t been for Katie (school friend of my daughter), we probably wouldn’t have acted so quickly when one of our Carbon Monoxide...

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Nicola, Katie’s friend

I couldn’t help think of a beautiful friend this evening……(Katie Haines) My carbon monoxide alarm went off this evening...

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Pati and Jerry

April 2016 Pati & Jerry – “A week last Sunday our carbon monoxide alarm went off in the evening – we brought the one from upstairs...

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Jilna – January 2016 I have just watched fake Britain after a friend recommended I see it based on this story.  I cannot tell you how...

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October 2015 Just listened to radio Oxford (with Gordon) covering the new legislation about the installation of carbon monoxide detectors...

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Olivia Murray

April 2015 My name is Olivia Murray and I read an article a while ago about Katie. I was so very sorry to hear of the loss of Katie and...

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I’m in the middle of yet another project at Redhill Farmhouse, this time to make the cellar a useable space.  We are once again a building...

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Hi there, My name’s Kat, I am a journalist and wanted to let you know that I was so moved by what happened to Katie and the way her family...

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Jane Flannery

Dear Richard, Gordon and Avril, I wanted to tell you about what happened to me on Saturday afternoon. Stuart and I returned home at about...

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Lucy Chant

As a friend of Katie and a Trustee of the KHMT, I am well aware of the dangers of CO. This is why I still can’t quite believe what happened...

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