Cornwall – defective flue producing Carbon Monoxide

At least two people have been taken to hospital after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning at a property in St Martin, Helston. Cornwall...

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Landlord’s neglect endangers family’s life

A landlord has received a suspended prison sentence after a family suffered carbon-monoxide poisoning at a flat in Lewisham, South London....

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Drug Found to Protect Heart from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A new research from the University of Leeds in the UK has uncovered a treatment that can prevent CO’s toxic effects. They found that the...

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Carbon monoxide’s damaging role in heart rhythm found

The way that even low levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal, by disrupting the heart’s rhythm, has been unravelled by researchers in...

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Builder fined after carbon monoxide deaths

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Substandard building work causes carbon monoxide leak

A Hertfordshire couple has criticised housing developer Taylor Wimpey after being exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Gerald...

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Lynn Griffiths to launch CO awareness group at the House of Lords

Lynn Griffiths is launching a carbon monoxide awareness community group in the House of Lords on Tuesday as part of her charity, C0 Awareness....

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MEP Jim Higgins issues warning to people to be aware of CO poisoning from barbecues

Following the tragic deaths of 14 year old Hannah Thomas-Jones and 6 year old Isabelle Harris from separate CO poisoning incidents from...

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Gas fitter cleared of carbon monoxide death of Elouise Littlewood

Elouise Littlewood, 26, died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in February 2008.  Paul Williamson, 53, a gas fitter from Sutton was...

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Inquest into death at Guest House

At an inquest into the death of Raymond Iley, 57, from carbon monoxide poisoning at the Albert Guest House in Peterlee on 4 January 2011...

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