Camping, caravanning, motorhomes and boating can be fun activities for all ages.  In order to ensure you have a safe time away, below are some very useful articles from the Boat Safety Scheme and the Camping and Caravan website on carbon monoxide safety.

Safety on boats

The Boat Safety Scheme have produced essential information on ‘How to protect you, your crew, your visitors and pets on your boat from the ‘Silent Killer’ – Carbon Monoxide’:

Boat Safety Scheme – Go boating stay safe – click here to read the article.
View the Boat Safety Scheme PDF

In addition, they advise on where to place the CO alarm:

We would advise that whether you are camping, caravaning, motorhoming or staying in hotels, b&bs, or rented accommodation, please take an audible carbon monoxide alarm (BS EN 50291-2) with you, it could save your life!

Safe Camping

A barbecue is almost an essential item for most campers. Not only does it provide us with an inexpensive meal that we are able to cook for ourselves close to our tent but gives the aspect of fun that once came from roasting marshmallows on bonfires. However, like other carbon burning appliances, care must be taken when using a barbecue, It is particularly important to remember that a barbecue – even one that is cold to the touch – should not be brought into enclosed areas of a tent.

Care must also be taken with cookers, fridges, heaters and lamps used by some in camping, caravanning and in motorhomes.

Please go to the Camping and Caravanning Website for all the latest information on carbon monoxide safety relevant to these pursuits.

Click below to read the Camping and Caravanning Club CO Warning Leaflet:

Tragically, in recent years there have been a number of deaths and injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning while undertaking these activities.  Below are some news articles with details:

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