Black Spot CO Detectors – Amazon

Black Spot CO Detectors – Amazon

For many years those involved with carbon monoxide awareness have been concerned about the sale of black spot carbon monoxide detectors.

Which? magazine, in their advice about which Carbon Monoxide alarm to buy, says: “We think the safest option for everyone would be to choose a detector that sounds the alarm rather than just indicating there’s a problem.

If there was a dangerous carbon monoxide build-up in the middle of the night, a patch changing colour won’t wake you up to let you know.” Read more:
– Which?

We at KHMT have always believed that it is a safer option to have an audible alarm to alert to the dangers of carbon and we were concerned to see black spot CO detectors on sale on Amazon.  In early March 2020 I wrote to Amazon and alerted them to our Trust’s concerns – and those of other interested stakeholders – about this product.

I’m very pleased to report that my Amazon contact immediately raised this with their team and came back within a short time to inform me that they have now removed the black spot CO detectors from their website. We are extremely grateful to Amazon for their quick and positive response.