Ammanford family taken to hospital after carbon monoxide leak at Betws home

AN AMMANFORD family were taken to hospital with mild carbon monoxide poisoning.

The incident in Betws on the evening of Monday, March 25, has sparked Mid and West Wales Fire Service to call on people to be check their appliances.

Firefighters from Ammanford were called to the property after the carbon monoxide detector alarm was activated.

Two adults, two children under four and a six month old baby were taken to hospital by ambulance, where it was later confirmed that all members of the family were showing mild symptoms of CO poisoning.

The property’s gas boiler was isolated as a precaution and the property fully ventilated.

Station manager Mark Davies who attended the incident said, “This incident raises awareness of the very real dangers of carbon monoxide.

Fortunately, this family had a carbon monoxide alarm which activated in time to prevent them from sustaining more serious symptoms.

“I cannot emphasis enough the importance of installing a carbon monoxide detector and ensuring you get your appliances checked and serviced regularly.”

Crew manager Jason Cadman, who visited the family in hospital the next day added, “The combi boiler that was responsible for this incident was less than 3 years old. It is very important not to become complacent even with new boilers, as this incident shows they can still pose a danger”.

The boiler has since been condemned and the family are well again.


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