Our History, Mission & Vision

Our History

Katharine Leah Haines (nee Samuel) – always known as Katie – was born on 31 January 1979 and was the daughter of Gordon and Avril Samuel and elder sister of Adam and Lydia.  Katie married Richard Haines on 12 December 2009 at St Mary’s Church, Fairford, Gloucestershire.  Tragically, on 18 February 2010, just two months after her wedding, Katie died of accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning at her home in Wokingham. The Katie Haines Memorial Trust was founded in 2010 by Katie’s family to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide and in time support and promote other charities that would have been close to Katie’s heart.

Our Mission

We exist because of a tragic accident. Our work is inspired by the life of the person we lost. Our mission is to raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide and to prevent unnecessary loss of life. We are run by a committed group of individuals but rely on the help and support of others to ensure the dangers of carbon monoxide are prominent in people’s minds, particularly the most vulnerable groups in society – the elderly, children, university students and those living in low-cost accommodation.

Our Vision
  • Our vision is that everyone in the UK understands the dangers of carbon monoxide and takes preventative measures to make sure that they do not fall victim to it.
  • It is important to have all carbon burning appliances regularly maintained and serviced by an engineer qualified to work on that particular appliance and to check the engineer’s registration card.
  • Blocked chimneys or flues can also cause carbon monoxide to enter the home and it is important that they are swept regularly by a registered sweep.
  • Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in all rooms where there are carbon burning appliances and remember to test them regularly – Test It Tuesday– and make sure they are within their expiry date.
  • Pack a CO alarm in your suitcase when staying away from home

Symptoms Checker

If you are experiencing any or all of the above symptoms, it could be an indication that there is carbon monoxide in your home, especially if the symptoms lessen when you leave the premises. If the symptoms persist, see your doctor and make sure your carbon burning appliances are checked by a qualified engineer.

Landlords’ Duties

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 make it mandatory for landlords to ensure that gas appliances, pipework and flues provided for tenants are in a safe condition at all times. The rules apply throughout the UK and cover liquid petroleum gas (LPG) systems as well as natural gas. READ MORE

“We won’t rest until everyone in the UK understands the dangers of CO and takes steps to ensure they don’t fall victim to it.
It’s vital that all carbon burning appliances should be regularly serviced by a qualified engineer and one or more CO alarms installed.”

Gordon Samuel

Our campaign videos

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Between the 20-26th November 2023, we will be raising awareness of Carbon Monoxide.

Losing Katie

If you suspect carbon monoxide, call 0800 111 999.

Carbon Monoxide Safe4Summer Advert

We’re all keen to enjoy these summer months. Planning a summer staycation? A trip in the caravan? Or a few garden parties? Remember, keep your carbon monoxide alarm close by, and never take a barbecue indoors. Whatever your plans... Be Carbon Monoxide Safe4Summer

CO Awareness Week 2020

Keep yourself and your family safe by maintaining and servicing all your carbon burning appliances regularly and by installing one or more carbon monoxide alarms.

Supporting Gas Safety Week 2020

Gordon Samuel, Father of Katie Haines - Supporting Gas Safety Week 2020

Precious Memories of Katie

We have deliberated at great length on whether to upload this montage of our beloved daughter Katie, taken from very personal family videos. We decided to release it as we feel it will bring home the reality of the void left in our lives without Katie.

Cause for Alarm

Two simple steps can protect against CO poisoning, as shown in our new video called #causeforalarm released by the Katie Haines Memorial Trust.

Wake Up! Video

Sound The Alarm
Carbon Monoxide Can Get You Anywhere!

Supporting Gas Safety Week 2020

Helen, Countess of Rosslyn - Supporting Gas Safety Week 2020

NEW – CO Can Get You Anywhere!

Sound The Alarm
Carbon Monoxide Can Get You Anywhere!

Gordon Samuel on ITV London News

Gordon Samuel on ITV London News Sept 18th 2017 - Copyright ITV News

Sound The Alarm

Our first short video on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home:

News Articles

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Don't let oddities with gas appliances go unnoticed! For example, if a gas hob produces a lazy, yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one, this may indicate that the appliance is unsafe. For more gas safe advice, visit bit.ly/HomeGasSafety. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) deprives the body of oxygen, which causes illnesses that can be mistaken for a cold or the flu. The longer someone is exposed to CO, the more severe their symptoms become, and at high levels, can be fatal.

Don't let this be a warning too late - take some time to view our series of CO safety videos, covering everything from signs and symptoms to where to position your alarm.

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4 days ago

If you smell gas or suspect CO poisoning, it's a gas emergency. Act quickly by turning off the gas supply, opening windows, evacuating the property, and contacting the Gas Emergency Helpline for your area.

0800 111 999 (Mainland UK)
0800 002 001 (Northern Ireland)
0808 1624 444 (Isle of Man)
01481 749 000 (Guernsey)
01534 755 555 (Jersey)

For more info about what to do in a gas emergency, visit bit.ly/EmergencyGas.
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5 days ago

Check out our winter campaign recap on our website! See how we spread the word on gas safety across the nation this winter, addressing concerns around heating only one room and educating grandparents about gas safety. Find out more: bit.ly/GSRWinter23 ... See MoreSee Less

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Did you know we offer safety services to those with dementia, autism and cognitive impairment?

🔒 Our locking cooker valve is a simple device helping protect those unable to operate their gas cooker safely and reassuring family, friends and carers.

🔒 It allows the gas supply to be turned on and off really easily, to help prevent gas accidents such as the cooker being unintentionally turned on or left on.

This is a FREE service for our customers - if you know someone who could benefit call our Customer Care team on 0800 389 8000 or visit cadentgas.com/lcv for more information.

#gassafety #safeguarding #customersafety
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