2013 Sponsorships & Events

RBS – The Winter Sparkle Emporium
December 12 2013

The Katie Haines Memorial Trust was delighted to be invited by the charity’s bank NatWest to take part in their inaugural Client Winter Sparkle Emporium  to be held in London on Thursday 12th December. An exclusive shopping experience in aid of supporting their customers and raising money for their charity partners:

The British Association of Fostering & Adoption; Sickle Cell; Local Women & Children’s Refuge and KHMT

We were delighted to be invited and will be handing out carbon monoxide awareness leaflets and selling audible carbon monoxide alarms at a reduced rate.

Please find below the specific donation link for this event.

8th Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week
r 18th 2013

Please make a note in your diary that the 8th National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week run by CO Awareness will take place between 18th and 23rd November.


Perkins Great Eastern Run
October 13th 2013

On Sunday 13th October Dr Helen Cobbold, Katie’s friend and a Trustee of The Katie Haines Memorial Trust, will be taking part in the Great Eatern Run. Helen says:  “I have been training for the last few months and would be most grateful if you could donate to a worthy cause close to my heart.  In 2010 one of my best friends Katie was tragically killed by a faulty boiler and carbon monoxide poisoning. I was so proud to be Katie’s bridesmaid 2 month previous and hope as a charity we can prevent other friends and family experiencing such a tradegy.”


Burj Khalifa Challenge
October 6th 2013

Andrew Cobbold, a friend of Katie’s, says:

“I am currently deployed with the Royal Navy in the UAE, relatively close to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world at 2723 feet. With little to do in the desert, outside of work, I have decided to brave the temperature that regularly hits 50 degrees and embark on a challenge.

This October I shall be attempting a unique triathlon. I’m going to use a combination of gym equipment to run from my location to the Burj Khalifa, climb it, then cycle back. this equates to a 14 mile treadmill run, a 2723ft climb on a ‘Jacobs Ladder’ and a 14 mile cycle on an exercise bike. I shall be doing all of this consecutively in a single session, hopefully in something close to 3.5 hours.”

I am collecting locally from UK and allied forces here in the UAE but any extra support from friends and family at home would be greatly appreciated.