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We sponsor projects which are close to our hearts. So if you think you have a project which requires funding, then please email info@katiehainestrust.com

2 April 2015
CO Awareness day at Plumb and Parts Centre’s Head Office

‘A carbon monoxide alarm can save your life’ – this was the hard-hitting message to employees at Plumb and Parts Center’s head office during a CO awareness day.

Employees were educated on the dangers of CO and offered Honeywell CO alarms in return for a donation to the Katie Haines Memorial Trust, raising £1,500 for the charity.

Katie’s father Gordon Samuel said: “We support any initiative that highlights the dangers of CO poisoning. We’re very grateful for the donation and we won’t rest until everyone understands the dangers of CO, and takes steps to ensure they don’t fall victim to it.”

Plumb and Parts Center, the Trust and Honeywell have staged a year-long campaign, calling on the government to make alarms compulsory when any carbon-burning appliance is installed.

“Over 250 employees work at the Wolseley Center, in Leamington Spa, and Plumb and Parts Center wanted to tell as many employees as we could about the dangers,” said Head of Marketing Julie McLean.

Caption from the left – Plumb and Parts Center’s Product Manager, Karl Baggott, Jason Donoghue, Customer Marketing Manager – Construction and Adrian Keats, National Account Manager for Honeywell Analytics.

2 April
Ironbridge Half Marathon

We keep saying how overwhelmed we are by the support we receive from everyone, including complete strangers. Earlier this month we were contacted by Agnieszka Mazur who told us that her father had died, aged 43, from a carbon monoxide incident and that she would like to raise some money for KHMT by taking part in the Ironbridge Half Marathon. Here’s a recent note from Agnieszka:

“As You know on Sunday 19th April, I managed to complete the Ironbridge Half Marathon, which showed me that “mission impossible” really can be completed when you’re determined to do something for a good cause in life. I really don’t know where I got the strength from (but being cheered on really helped)

Thank you very much to Family, Friends and everyone at Ironbridge Power Station for all the financial and moral support.

Yesterday I paid through the Virgin Money Giving website to the Katie Haines Memorial Trust £275 and £68.75 will be added from gift aid which gives in total £343.75!!!!”

Thank you so much Agnieszka and also the Ironbridge Power Station staff and Agnieszka’s family and friends for their sponsorship.

Make Carbon Monoxide Alarms Law Reception
2nd February 2015

Save lives now. This was the challenge to MPs at a House of Commons reception on 2nd February, staged by campaigners who want to see carbon monoxide alarms in every home in England and Wales. The ‘Make CO Alarms Law’ campaign is being led by Plumb Center, Honeywell and the Katie Haines Memorial Trust.