Richard Haines

  • Richard Haines

I am the widower of Katie Haines (nee Samuel) who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in our home. As a result of Katie’s tragic death and in an attempt to rescue some element of positivity from the impossible situation we faced, Katie’s immediate family and I formed the KHMT to raise much needed awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide and to try and prevent others from needlessly facing Katie’s fate through education and positive action.

I have worked at Hewlett Packard in a number of business and management roles for 15 years and hope to bring the professional skills I have learnt to ensure KHMT campaigns in the most effective way toensure the greatest return on the investment of our combined skills and time in preventing further injuries and deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.

When it comes to the danger of carbon monoxide, ignorance is not an option and we have a duty to inform as loudly and as widely as we can the best ways of countering the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning and to affect real positive change to reduce the risk.

  • Date: June 24, 2014