Real Life Stories

Real life stories – have you been affected

If you have been affected or have a story to tell regarding Carbon Monoxide then please email it to  We will then add your story to our page here for others to read if you wish.

Jilna – January 2016

I have just watched fake Britain after a friend recommended I see it based on this story.  I cannot tell you how upsetting it was to watch, not just because me and my husband were both poisoned a week after our honeymoon where we both nearly died, but also upsetting to see what happened to Katie.  I just wanted to message to convey my thanks for the amazing work you are doing.  Through social media, I’ve tried to promote the use of proper carbon monoxide alarms since we were poisoned, especially because I am suffering brain and ear damage as a result of a faulty gas fire in the flat below us.

The flat is in Brentwood and you can read the news article here.

But I have always wanted to do more and I applaud the work you are doing.  It is important to note though that the man in the flat below us died within half an hour and was probably there for a few days.  Doctors said they had never seen such high levels of CO before – 3000ppm.

Regards Jilna

Olivia Murray – April 2015

My name is Olivia Murray and I read an article a while ago about Katie. I was so very sorry to hear of the loss of Katie and I suppose the article particularly affected me because when I was about 15 I very nearly died from CO poisoning. I realise now how lucky I was to survive – I received excellent treatment at Whipps Cross hospital in two of their hyperbaric oxygen chambers – although I recall they were very claustrophobic. I was very fortunate indeed ( though it did have quite an impact on me just pre my GCSEs as I had counselling for PTSD and flashbacks) and realise how different things could have turned out. Since then I have not surprisingly been very cautious and careful to get boilers checked (my incident happened when I was staying at a friend’s house overnight and it transpired their boiler had not been serviced for years, if at all) and have even been know to take CO alarms on holiday.

I just wanted to say that I think the work you are doing to raise awareness of this issue is fantastic and that if there is anything I can do to assist you in this mission, as a CO poisoning survivor, I should be very pleased to do so.

Best wishes
Olivia Murray

November 2012 – Lucy Chant

As a friend of Katie and a Trustee of the KHMT, I am well aware of the dangers of CO. This is why I still can’t quite believe what happened to my husband and I last week. We were busy getting ready upstairs in our house on Thursday morning. I headed downstairs to make breakfast and as I opened the kitchen door I realised our Carbon Monoxide Tester was going off. I quickly opened the back door and called to my husband. We reset our CO detector but it went straight off again and was showing a reading of 600 parts per million. Fortunately we knew to get out of the house and into fresh air. We called the gas engineer who turned our gas off and condemned our boiler. The levels of CO were so high that they would have been fatal in 3 hours. Without a CO alarm I dread to think what would have happened.We like to think a guardian angel was looking over us that morning. It reminds me how important it is that we continue to raise awareness of the importance of having an alarm. I speak to people almost every day about this and am still shocked that many people do not have an alarm. Protect yourself and your family by getting one today. It could save your lives.

Lucy Chant