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The Katie Haines Memorial Trust recommends the XC70EN CO detector.

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The Honeywell X-Series of carbon monoxide detectors are the ideal choice of alarms for the home, caravan or boat and the XC70EN can provide up to 7 years maintenance free operation due to its advanced electrochemical cell technology.

The batteries are tamper-free as they are sealed inside the alarm preventing access by the user as they do not need replacing for the whole 7 year life of the alarm. Visual signalling and loud 90db audible alarm When the unit detects carbon monoxide it flashes red and at the same time also gives off a loud warning. In addition, the X-Series of CO detectors from Honeywell (which replace the H450EN) has a neat dual-colour status light that flashes green during normal operation and flashes yellow in the event of a fault, such as almost empty batteries.

Why the choice has to be the XC70EN CO detector:

• 7 year life and warranty
• Approved to EN50291-1:2010 and EN50291-2:2010 (X-Series)
• Can be free-standing or wall mounted
• Easy to install (no wiring required)
• Continuous self-test function
• End-of-life signal
• No maintenance for the full 7 year life of the alarm
• Loud 90db alarm
• Batteries pre-fitted in alarm (sealed for life of detector so no batteries to change)
• Used by the UK’s major housing associations & councils (recommended by the MOD)
• UK call centre support line