Phil – February 2011

To Laura, a good friend of Katie’s

I’d only purchased a carbon monoxide detector following your recommendation after the sad, untimely passing of your friend. I actually purchased two, one for the bedroom and the other for the kitchen where all my gas appliances and boiler are. December 2010/January 2011 I spent 23 days travelling through Central America, and hadn’t left my heating on timer. I arrived home mid-afternoon to an exceptionally cold house and immediately put the heating on, leaving it on all day and night – all windows & airvents remained fully closed. At around 2am the carbon monoxide alarm went off in my bedroom – I immediately opened all windows and called the gas emergency line. I’d had a leak from my boiler. Without the alarm there is no telling what might have happened. I’ve shared this information with family, friends and those at my running club, many of whom have now purchased and installed carbon monoxide alarms.

I now also have my boiler serviced annually…ironically the service was happening when I received your email.